Plants vs Zombies is undoubtedly an addictive tower defense game published by PopCap Games in the year 2009. Since its release the game has achieved incredible popularity among numerous fans all around the globe. The overall Plant vs Zombies game includes above 40 different game levels and five game modes including Mini-Games, Adventure, Survival, Puzzle and Zen Garden to make sure hours of entertainment to the gamers.

Free Download Plants vs Zombies
Your home is breached by a group of brain eating zombies and the plants are your only protection from crazy brain feeding maniacs. There are various types of strange plants which can help in safeguarding your house, for instance, the Peashooter which may blast peas. You have the Doom-shroom which will blow up and kill any surrounding zombies. 

There is a Gloom-shroom which shoots out fumes everywhere. The tactic is to understand what kind of plants to utilize and the best places to put the plant seeds. There are several zombies that you'll come across like, the Pole Vaulting Zombie which often can vault above various plant types. There are various kinds of plants and zombies  therefore; the Plant vs Zombies game delivers a great deal of variety.

You will need to outthink the zombies in order to succeed.  When playing you will be continuously gathering “sun” that may help you grow additional plants and coins which are at times left out by dead zombies. It lets you to continuously move your mouse throughout the computer screen; it will keep you aware and active in the game in a distinctive way.  In my opinion tower defense video games have invariably been quite addictive and tough, and with this game, you will probably find yourself addicted without realizing it. One more beauty with Plants vs. Zombies is that it has the capacity to hook you for brief durations, when you’re bored of other game titles or even the internet on the whole.

Method to get Free Download of Plants vs Zombies Game

The free download of this game is available at the site. Just scroll down and look for the download button (ensure the PC version of plants vs zombies) and save the file to your destination. By following this method you can get Free download of Plants vs Zombies game.

Free Download Plants vs Zombies